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Used 64GB 128GB Classic Apple iPod 3rd Generation Refurbished with New Battery (Flash Mod)

Used 64GB 128GB Classic Apple iPod 3rd Generation Refurbished with New Battery (Flash Mod)

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Used 3rd Gen Apple iPod Classic w/ Flash Mod & New Battery

Along with a new 1050mAh battery, this iPod has been flash modded with an adapter & ultra-fast flash drive (64gb, 128gb), making it faster, quieter, and more durable with longer battery life and larger storage capacity. Everything else is completely factory original (100% genuine Apple).

The iPod 3rd generation (A1040) was released by Apple in 2003 and features a monochrome display, 4 lighted buttons, and an all-touch interface with scroll wheel. 

This iPod is now very popular among collectors and music enthusiasts likely due to the quality of its design and how easily it can be upgraded (flash modded), but this model has become quite scarce and very rare in today's marketplace. We only have a limited number of these gems, so don't miss out!

Our iPods do not have any personalized engravings from previous owners - guaranteed! This iPod does, however, exhibit scratches, blemishes, wear, and/or dents that you'd expect from a popular relic of the past. 

As a bonus, this iPod utilizes the highly acclaimed Wolfson DAC (WM8731), which is widely known to produce the most AMAZING audio quality of all Apple devices!


  • This iPod requires the correct charger or it will not power on. Apple's A1070 wall charger and firewire cable are highly recommended.
  • Apple designed the 3rd generation model to use FireWire 400 for charging (USB does not provide adequate power for charging).
  • Although USB 2.0 is supported, a FireWire charger and cable are required.
  • No charger or accessories are included (iPod only).
  • Original OEM Apple Parts
  • 1 Year Warranty (365 Days!)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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