2000mAh Square High Capacity Replacement Battery for Apple iPod Classic 6th 7th Gen New

2000mAh Square High Capacity Replacement Battery for Apple iPod Classic 6th 7th Gen New

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Brand new ultra high capacity lithium-ion polymer iPod classic replacement battery featuring up to 150 hours of playback on a single charge.

Upgrade your 6th/7th gen iPod classic battery capacity to 2000mAh and enjoy faster charging time and longer playback between charges.

    A few reasons to fix the iPod battery:

    • Battery life isn't long enough
    • Battery takes too long to charge
    • Battery doesn't hold a charge
    • Battery drains when not charging
    • Battery decreases too quickly
    • Battery is swollen
    • Increase your battery capacity

    Compatible with all 6th/7th gen iPod Classics (A1238):

    • Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation 80GB (Black) - MB147LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation 80GB (Silver) - MB029LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation 160GB (Black) - MB150LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation 160GB (Silver) - MB145LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation 120GB (Charcoal) - MB565LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation 120GB (Silver) - MB562LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation 160GB (Charcoal) - MC297LL/A
    • Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation 160GB (Silver) - MC293LL/A


    • Dramatically extended battery life
    • Integrated charging circuit prevents overcharging


    • Slim backplates require: iFlash QUAD, iFlash SOLO, Generic MSATA, or M2
    • Thick backplates allow the use of any iFlash adapter
    • This battery is much larger than the original battery so it will not fit using the factory original iPod hard drives (works with flash mods only)


    • Brand new 2000mAh ultra high capacity replacement iPod classic battery
    • 1 year warranty
    • Free pry opening iPod repair tool
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