Replacing Your iPod Touch Screen

How To Fix A Broken iPod Touch Screen

Repair of the iPod Touch screen involves swapping the damaged outer glass and digitizer with a new replacement. This can be a difficult job, so exercise proper caution during each step of the iPod Touch screen repair process.

  1. Gently insert a plastic pry tool between the outer glass and silver backplate near the volume control buttons
  2. Pry open the iPod slowly and gently by rotating the tool away from the panel until a small gap between the front and back plate is revealed
  3. Work your way around the iPod?s frame until the whole outer glass is removable (be aware of the connected digitizer cable within the upper left corner)
  4. Carefully unfasten the digitizer cable from the logic board
  5. Now that the damaged glass and digitizer have been removed, clean the inner LCD of any dust or debris
  6. Reassemble the iPod with your replacement parts. You?re done!

For more information, visit our iPod touch screen repair page

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