iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

ipod classic hard drive repair

iPod Classic Hard Drive (6th/7th Gen)

You Fix We Fix
Includes: Part + Pry tool Part + Installation
Warranty: 3 Months 3 Months
Quality: Original Apple OEM Original Apple OEM

100% authentic 6th and 7th generation Apple iPod Classic hard drive replacements guaranteed to fix all types of damages, including: red x error, skipping or freezing, click of death, won’t connect to iTunes, error messages, and much more. Our hard drives come directly from factory original Apple iPods and guaranteed to work in every 6th and 7th generation iPod Classic (A1238). Apple part number: 80GB (MK8022GAA, HDD1805D, HS08YHA), 120GB (MK1231GAL, HDD1813, HS12YHA), 160GB (MK1634GAL, MK1626GCB, HS161JQ, HDD1B01), 240GB (MK2431GAH)


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