Resetting Your iPod Touch Passcode


How To Reset Your iPod Touch Password

Have you forgotten the password to your iPod Touch?

Apple equips the iPod Touch with a special passcode feature which allows your data to remain secure in the hands of unwanted individuals. After 6 failed password input attempts, the person is greeted with ?iPod touch is disabled? and prompts the user to try again later. After even more failed attempts, the device becomes disabled. Although this is a great security feature, it can also pose a powerful threat to its rightful owner who accidentally forgets the correct passcode. If you?re facing this dilemma, here?s how to reset iPod Touch password.

Restore your iPod Touch via iTunes

If you?ve completely forgotten your iTouch password, this is the only way you?ll regain access to the device. Keep in mind, all of your settings will be reverted back to the defaults and your stored data (songs, videos, photos, apps, etc) will be deleted, so consider this a last resort option. With that said, follow these steps to restore your iPod Touch:

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes from
  2. Connect the iTouch to your computer via a sync cable
  3. Choose ?iPod Touch? in the iTunes sidebar, then click the ?Summary? tab
  4. Select ?Check For Update? in case there?s a newer firmware version available
  5. Click ?Update? or ?Restore? and follow the on-screen messages until complete

Your iPod Touch is now restored to factory default status, so you can begin using it again. If your library was backed up, proceed with the reloading process and get back to having fun with your device.

For more helpful advice, please visit our iPod Touch repair page

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