How To Extend Your iPod Battery Life

Tips for improved battery life from your iPod

You can easily extend your iPod?s battery life by using the following tips:

  • Maintain room temperature

Maintaining a room temperature of 20? C can dramatically extend your iPod battery lifespan. Extreme hot or cold temperatures are very damaging to the iPod?s battery so don?t forget your iPod inside your car?s glovebox and remember not to leave your iPod exposed to the hot sun for long periods of the day.

  • Don?t charge inside the case

Since the iPod can heat up during the recharging process, insulating the iPod within a case as it charges can cause the battery to reach unnatural levels of heat, thus shortening the iPod?s battery capacity.

  • Use your pause button

This tip has the single greatest impact because the pause feature is an underutilized ally of the iPod?s battery component. When left unattended, the iPod should be placed into ?pause? mode to preserve battery life. If left playing while away, excess battery power is unnecessarily wasted.

  • Turn off your backlight

If backlighting isn?t needed, turn it off because it uses a lot of battery juice. The display backlight feature is essential in the dark, but unnecessary in the light. Choose Settings > Backlight Timer > Off

  • Disable the equalizer

Some might prefer the iPod equalizer, but turn it off if you don?t need it. Disabling the equalizer feature can vastly improve your iPod?s battery span. Choose Settings > EQ > Off

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